On Friday's I Prefer My Espresso in a Martini.

While an Espresso Martini is technically not a true martini because it doesn't contain any Gin or Vermouth. The facts are that Espresso Martini's are just as iconic and growing in popularity.

"They are a fun drink to get the party started and a great way to end a meal as an after-dinner coffee option".

Whatever time you choose to have an Espresso Martini, JooJu Coffee has outlined a simple but effective recipe. This recipe creates a strong, rich and smooth drink, that is so easy to make.

 The Ingredients

Here is a list of the ingredients you will need: 

  1. Your favourite JooJu Coffee (Beans or JooJu Capsules) 
  2. Martini glasses 
  3. Vodka 
  4. Coffee Liqueur 
  5. Ice
  6. Sugar syrup (this is optional)
  7. Your favourite JooJu Coffee Beans (optional).

Some points regarding the ingredients: 

  • Coffee: you want your JooJu Coffee to be brewed either through an espresso machine to generate a quality cafe crema. Alternatively and to make things simpler you can use your favourite JooJu Pods (which produce a perfect cafe crema every time).
  • Coffee Liqueur: while any coffee liqueur will do, Kahlua which is a coffee and rum liqueur provides an amazingly rich and robust taste, it is the most traditional liqueur used for Espresso Martinis.
  • Vodka: your favourite Vodka for mixing, it doesn't need to be an expensive selection. 
  • Simple Syrup (Optional): this is a simple syrup used in all cocktails, however if you don't have simple syrup, it can be made by mixing equal parts sugar to water, bringing the mixture to boil and letting it cool completely. 
  • Coffee Beans (Optional): this is a great option for garnishing and they sit in the foam of the cocktail, while they add a nice garnish, they are not critical.

The Method

Step 1: Brew your JooJu Coffee using your preferred method, remember the focus here is to produce coffee that develops a quality cafe crema. 

Step 2: Fill the cocktail shaker with ice then add the cooled coffee, vodka and if you are using it simple syrup.

Step 3: Next add the coffee liqueur (Kahlua if using).

Step 4: Ensure the cocktail is firmly secure and commencing the shaking process. It is important that you shake the cocktail vigorously as this will add to the development of the foam leveraging the cafe crema early created.

Step 5: Pour the Espresso Martini through the strainer into the Martini glass, and enjoy. If using the JooJu Coffee Beans for garnish, add three coffee beans to the foam in the martini glass. Serve.

As long as there was coffee in the world, how bad could things be?

Cassandra Clare