JooJu Coffee

JooJu BraMex - 100 Coffee Capsules (Medium Roast)


Roast: Medium Roast.

Intensity: Medium-High (3/5) - Smooth Blend. 

Flavour profile: Cream, vanilla, chocolate, brown sugar, nougat, walnut, grape, mandarin, and orange.

Why you'll love it:

- BraMex is a unique blend of beans sourced from Brazil and Mexico.

- Brazil is world-renowned for producing high quality beans with low acidity, nutty sweetness and bittersweet chocolate.

- We combine our Brazilian beans with beans from Mexico, which benefit from advantageous climate, altitude, and soil. Our Mexican beans produce a long-lasting chocolate and toffee flavour profile. Together, the blend offers a unique and sophisticated coffee sure to please.

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